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20170809 PARKES LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES - Initial Product Shoot - Horticultural Chip


Below is the list of all the items under our
range at Parkes Landscaping Supplies.

Please ring the Parkes Landscaping Supplies office for inquiry. 

Parkes Landscaping Supplies provides all your landscaping needs in
Parkes Shire and Central New South Wales
  • Chip: Softfall                                                  $130.00 per m3

  • Chip: Cypress                                                 $120.00 per m3

  • Chip: Red Hardwood                                      $140.00 per m3

  • Chip: Pine Bark                                              $130.00 per m3

  • Mulch: Tree & Leaf                                         $65.00 per m3

  • Mulch: Shredded Cypress                              $80.00 per m3 

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